Our Board

Australian Women Lawyers is managed by a board consisting of representatives from each State and Territory women lawyers association.

Current Board Members

ImageNamepositionsMember OrganisationsContact
Ann-Maree David President Women Lawyers Association of Queensland

College of Law Queensland

Tel: (07) 3234 4555

Level 5, Wesley House
140 Ann Street
Brisbane QLD 4000

Lee May Saw Vice President New South Wales Women Lawyers Association



Diana Price Secretary Women Barristers' Association of Victoria


Adrienne Morton Treasurer Tasmanian Women Lawyers


Ros Chenoweth Board Member Northern Territory Women Lawyers Association


Leah Marrone Board Member Women Lawyers' Association of South Australia


Anne Wood Board Member Women Lawyers Association of Western Australia Inc


Liana Westcott Board Member Women Lawyers Association of the ACT


Bianca Quan Board Member Victorian Women Lawyers


Past Presidents of the AWL

Elspeth Hensler (WA) 31 October 2015 24 October 2016
Amy Challans (SA) 18 August 2013 31 October 2015
Kate Ashmor (Vic) 12 August 2012 18 August 2013
Rebecca Lee (WA) 9 August 2011 12 August 2012
Mary Anne Ryan (Tas) 9 August 2010 9 August 2011
Olivia Perkiss (Qld) 19 September 2009 8 August 2010
Georgia McMaster (NT) 10 September 2008 19 September 2009
Fiona McLeod SC (Vic) 8 September 2007 13 September 2008
Janean Richards (ACT) 1 October 2006 8 September 2007
Caroline Kirton SC (Vic) 5 November 2005 1 October 2006
Noor Blumer (ACT) 4 November 2004 5 November 2005
Jennifer Batrouney SC (Vic) 12 November 2003 4 November 2004
Dominique Hogan Doran (NSW) 19 October 2002 12 November 2003
Audrey Mills (Tas) 13 October 2001 19 October 2002
Alexandra Richards QC (Vic) 19 September 1997 13 October 2001

Previous Members of the Board (since 1996)

  • Kate Ashmor (Vic)
  • Rebecca Barry (NSW)
  • Marilyn Bartole (NSW)
  • Jennifer Batrouney SC (Vic)
  • Ruth Beach (SA)
  • Juliet Behrens (ACT)
  • Sarah Bendall (Vic)
  • Noor Blumer (ACT)
  • (Judge) Gillian Braddock SC (WA)
  • Louise Byrne (NSW)
  • Amy Challans (SA)
  • Kerry Clark (SA)
  • Angela Clelland (Vic)
  • Lisa Coffey (NT)
  • Sarah Coffey (Vic)
  • Linda Crebbin (ACT)
  • Rosalyn Daniell (SA)
  • Brooke Dellavedova (Vic)
  • Megan Dixon (Qld)
  • Georgina Frost (Vic)
  • Penelope Giles (WA)
  • Kate Halliday (NT)
  • (Judge) Felicity Hampel SC
  • Elizabeth Heenan (WA)
  • Dominique Hogan-Doran (NSW)
  • Margaret Holz (NSW)

  • Margaret Hunter (ACT)
  • (Justice) Narelle Johnson (WA)
  • Leonie Kennedy (ACT)
  • (Senator) Linda Kirk (SA)
  • Caroline Kirton SC (Vic)
  • Suzanne Kirton (Vic)
  • Kim Knights (Vic)
  • Jane Knowler (SA)
  • Sharon Krause (NT)
  • Rebecca Lee (WA)
  • Gabrielle Martin (NT)
  • Juliana Marshall (Vic)
  • (Justice) Ruth McColl (NSW)
  • Susan McNeil (Qld)
  • Ann-Maree McDiarmid (Qld)
  • Margaret McLennan (Qld)
  • Fiona McLeod SC (Vic)
  • Christine Melis (Vic)
  • (Judge) Frances Millane (Vic)
  • Audrey Mills (Tas)
  • Juanita O'Keefe (Tas)
  • (Magistrate) Sue Oliver (NT)

  • Rosemary Peavey (Vic)
  • Rhonda Penny (Qld)
  • Olivia Perkiss (Qld)
  • (Justice) Janine Pritchard (WA)
  • Jo Renkin (Vic)
  • Bridget Rheinberger (Tas)
  • Alexandra Richards QC (Vic)
  • Janean Richards (ACT)
  • Sandra Robinson (NT)
  • (Magistrate) Kay Ryan (Qld)
  • (Judge) Anette Schoombee (WA)
  • Verity Shepherdson (Vic)
  • Merran Short (NT)
  • Karen Streckfuss (Vic)
  • Sandra Taglieri (Tas)
  • Clare Thompson (WA)
  • Wendy Kayler Thomson (Vic)
  • Stephanie Trezsize-Conroy (NT)
  • Christine Trueman (Tas)
  • Karen Twigg (ACT)
  • Sara Wedgwood (ACT)
  • Ann Winkel (Vic)

The AWL Establishment Committee

Between approximately April 1995 and the official launch of Australian Women Lawyers in September 1997, the following dedicated women from around the country worked tirelessly to bring about the establishment of AWL. They met face-to-face half a dozen times, and frequently via telephone, as often as weekly in the period leading up to the launch. Virtually all of this was done at these women’s own cost, as their State and Territory organisations were unable to fund their involvement.

Not all of these women became board directors of AWL, but without their individual and collective contributions to the huge task of getting the organisation established, AWL would never have been launched.

(Judge) Gillian Braddock SC (WA)
Linda Crebbin (ACT)
Candida D'Arcy (SA)
Georgina Frost (Vic)
Sally Gearin (NT)
(Judge) Felicity Hampel SC (Vic)
Margaret Hunter OAM (ACT)
Kerrie Leotta (NSW)
(Justice) Ruth McColl (NSW)
Audrey Mills (Tas)
Rhonda Penny (Qld)
Alexandra Richards QC (Vic)
(Magistrate) Kay Ryan (Qld)
Merran Short (NT)
Clare Thompson (WA)
Deanne Weir (Vic)
Kriss Will (Vic)